Hello or in other words, Konnichiwa! 


We are two girls who want to make a positive impact, big or small, on our community. During our exchange in California, we had an eye-opening experience and culture flourishing around the topic of sustainability. Unlike Japan, sustainable fashion brands were in every corner of the streets and clean beauty products were in most cosmetic boutiques. 


We had both been aware of the topic of climate change and climate crisis. Yet we felt so distant from this, as we lacked in the knowledge of energy science and energy policies. This feeling of isolation from sustainability and climate change is what we think is keeping people from joining the movement to help preserve our common home, the earth. 


As humans, we do not like to eliminate or take away things we are used to having. Hence, our aim to show that there are alternatives and that there is a cool innovative substitution, rather than complete elimination. In Japan, there are many eco-beauty methods, fashion styles, and lifestyles that are not closed up. We want to bring people the excitement in finding these different sustainable beauty, fashion, and lifestyle methods that will make you and our earth happy. 

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